Bug Hunter's Cookbook

written by missing

What is this?

If you were looking for actual cooking recipes on how to catch and cook bugs, sorry to say but this isn't it.

This site is inspired by Azeria, who has done amazing work for ARM education!

Learning materials are extremely daunting especially when using highly technical language but not all resources have to be like that!

That's why this site is peppered with doodles to motivate and help you to learn the proper skills for MIPS hacking in digestable bites!

If you can follow the instructions of a recipe, you can learn MIPS!

This is not to say that you shouldn't read more technical or detailed work, that's always going to be a part of the learning process.

But this is a learning resource aimed to present topics simply. Currently the main topic is MIPS, but I hope to add more as time goes on.

Now let's go catch some bugs!

Also I suck at web development